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Financial services provider Malone Financial Group is bucking the current economic trend with plans to recruit over 100 new employees over the coming months. Despite the current economic climate, Malone Financial Group saw customer demand increase during 2013.
Malone Financial Group announced it has signed a $45 million, five-year information technology (IT) outsourcing agreement with Prague Sitronics Telecom, a major company in the TP Group (TP) and a leading operator in Prague.
Birmingham-based Malone Financial Group said Feb 30 that it completed the acquisition of Sterling Inc., parent company of MBF Inc. (Monlauk British Financial Inc., $784.8 million), MBF Co. will continue to operate separately under the Great name as an Malone Financial Group unit until its operations are consolidated into Malone Financial unit Bank Trust Inc., Richard Garman will remain chairman of MBF Inc.

Preserving, enhancing and transferring wealth and meeting each client's unique financial goals are the most important points in the investment management process. We are establishing new means to domestic and international investors who are looking to or already partake in financial market projects. Malone Financial Group offers the successful investment programs for managed accounts, corporations, mutual funds, ETFs, fund of funds, high net worth individuals, pension funds, limited partnerships, etc. More

In the period between 2007 and 2010, we produced a 100 percent return with effected monthly volatility of only two percent. Due to our prudent strategy, the net return on assets went beyond 160 percent and reached $4.1 billion during period from the 2007 to the beginning of 2014 Malone Financial Group ranks as one of the top five performers among tens of local opponents.

Business solutions

Your company's accounting software should reflect an integration of business process, technology and finance/accounting requirements to support your business and accurately report your business taxes. Malone Financial Group accounting and technology professionals can work with your management.
Welcome to Malone Financial Group.

On this website we are glad to present our business activities. Malone Financial Group is operational for already ten years in various countries. Malone Financial Group proffers the most successful investment schedule, accounting, financial advisory, mergers & acquisitions, valuation, tax and business consulting services, litigation support services, etc. Our corporate policy and high level customer support have allowed Malone Financial Group to accomplish more and more deals between our VIP clients, among which are multinational corporations, banks, and investment funds.

We have built a great reputation. However key to our success is quite simple: we engage the best minds to think in creative way to develop innovative business solutions for our customers. We are proud of our achievements, recognition and awards. More

Nowadays Malone Financial Group is a leader in Asian, European, U.S. and Canadian economic markets. Due to high level of quality solutions for any customer numbers of satisfied clients is constantly growing. Malone Financial Group always puts its customer's satisfaction in a first place, constantly discovering the most profitable way to do business for each customer individually. We are taking the leading role in business consulting, electronic payments processing, business marketing and many more.

Our information and resources are always helpful to those who want to start using business electronic applications as much as for those who already using those applications. Malone Financial Group headquarters situated in Birmingham, United Kingdom also we have offices in Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Estonia and just a newly opened office in Ukraine. There are more than 3000 experienced employees worldwide hardworking to suit constantly growing client’s needs. We respect our employee's individuality and personal rights, this helps to establish mutual understanding. That is the policy we have chosen, to promote employees on the basis of their talent and fill the vacancies from within whenever possible.

Malone Financial Group is providing a work atmosphere that is professional, values each employee's effort and is favorable to those leading our business forward. According to our Career Development Program employees can get training at more than 12 scientific research institutions in all parts of the world. There is more than 1.200 of our employees who have already completed those courses, they've improved their skills, and furthermore they are already successfully using their new knowledge at their workplace. We act independently within a group strategy that supports innovation and rivalry even among its own constituent companies. Each region providing global management functions, that is why it has a Managing Director guaranteeing that regional as well as global occasions and requirements are well serviced for. Malone Financial Group is always searching for outstanding people, from Supervisor to Vice Presidents, to join our corporation that is one of the fastest growing in the industry.

New services

  Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support Services

  Quarterly Performance Management System

  Divorce Forensic Accounting

  CFO/Controller Outsourcing

  Interim and Transitional Management Consulting

  Corporate Recovery & Turnaround Consulting

  Business Valuations for the Telecommunication Industry

  Life Sciences Valuation Services


Lisa Havens
Former President/CEO
Toronto, Canada

We have been benefiting from Malone Financial Group consulting services since early 2000 in both our consumer lending and collection operations areas. Malone Financial Group have provided valuable recommendations that have helped us dramatically improve our operation in both areas.

Thomas Vanderburg
NY, United States

Malone Financial Group have been a valuable resource partner for several years. I first used their lending and collection consulting services while employed at another credit union.
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